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Our mission as a football and sports club is to provide opportunities for all participants to play at the highest level possible within an environment that embraces strong community values like respect, integrity, and co-operation.


The prime objective of the Weeroona Bay Football Club (WBFC) is the development of junior AFL football and footballers. To this end, we will provide within the local area, a junior football program that prepares young footballers both physically and mentally for senior football and their journey through life.

Our principal philosophy is the provision of a safe and supportive community-based environment, which encourages skill development, fitness, fair play, and teamwork.


The Weeroona Bay Football Club believes in the following values –

Respect: To show respect for all that respect to every and organisation, both internal & external that we interact with, and in turn, to earn the respect of others

Inclusive: To be a club that is welcoming to supporters and stakeholders from every diverse background, providing opportunities for people of all ages, abilities and disciplines and has a commitment to positively contribute to the community.

Connected: Develop strong relationships with

  • Club members
  • Volunteers
  • Communities and sponsors and
  • Other clubs and associations

Through open and transparent communication.

Enjoyment: Ensure member enjoyment by –

  • Educating members in all aspects of the game.
  • Development of our officials to run effective, safe participation.
  • Providing accredited coaches.
  • Providing opportunities and participation

Professional: To undertake every task professionally and in line with industry and best practice. To be innovative and to act with integrity.

Proud: We recognize and celebrate our history and the contributions of our past. We behave in a manner that reflects pride in our club and ourselves.