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Hall of Fame Honour Roll

   Patron - Weeroona Bay Football & Sports Club Inc.

   B. "Tassie" Stevenson

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Year Name Name
2017 John G.Mathews  John Peatfield
  Brian Stevenson  
2018 Bruce Bradtberg Lucy Laherstorfer
  Wendy Moore   
2019 Brenton Cabban Derek Money

2017  -  Hall of Fame recipients


Brian "Tassie" Stevenson

John Peatfield & Brian Stevenson

John Mathews accepting on behalf of his Father,
John Peatfield and Brian Stevenson

2018  -  Hall of Fame recipients

Bruce Bradtberg and President
Kevin Moore
Lucy Laherstorfer and President
Kevin Moore
Chris Moore accepting on behalf of Wendy Moore
and President Kevin Moore

2019  -  Hall of Fame recipients

President Kevin Moore and Derek Money Brenton Cabban and President Kevin Moore  

The names listed have been inducted to the Weeroona Bay Football & Sports Club Inc Hall of Fame Honour Roll,  for exceptional dedicated service to Weeroona Bay Football & Sports Club Inc.

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